61% of the homes of Spain is connected to Internet

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Noticias 61% of the homes of Spain has of connection to Internet and a third part of which connect does it through the mobile, what supposes an increase of almost 14 points porcentuales, according to the annual report The society in Net 2011

(23/07/2012). Of agreement to the report, in which recopilan the national and international indicators referents to distinct fields of the society, to European level the percentage of homes connected to the net ascends until 68%.
The penetration in Internet in the Spanish homes has experienced a positive growth with regard to 2010. 61% of the Spanish homes has of connection to Internet, seven points underneath of the rest of the European Union that connects to Internet regularly. This supposes that 10,3 million Spanish homes is connected to Internet.
Besides, a third part of these homes connects through the mobile, what supposes an increase of 14 point porcentuales regarding the anterior year. Regarding the citizens, eight of each ten Spaniards have of mobile telephone and 66,3% has connected to Internet in some occasion.
Of this way, in the homes stands out in the first place the penetration of mobile telephony (92%),followed of the fixed telephony (82%),Internet (61%) and the television of payment (23%). In total, the cost of the homes in services TIC achieved the 13.448 million euros in 2011.
Regarding the activities that make the users in Internet find the surgery of the email, with 70%, and the research of information through searchers with 60%. The surgery of news achieves the 46 percent and around 28% find the instantaneous mail and the maintenance of the profile in the social nets.
Besides, the users of Spain find among the most active of the world in social nets. Those that use these nets with professional ends stand out for doing it of majority form to look for work (57,6%) and to promote like professional (30,3%).
Another of the notable appearances regarding the penetration of Internet is the e-commerce, where the sales encipher in 9.114 million euros in 2011, 17,4% more than the anterior year. The volume of buyers ascends to 11 millions, what supposes that 43,1% of the Spanish internauts are on-line buyers
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