"Puntilla" Of the DGA to the small Aragonese trade

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Noticias The subventions for the promotion of the trade of vicinity, reduced in almost 95%  in the project of estimates of the DGA for 2016

If anybody remedies it, the subventions for the promotion and dinamización commercial of the inner trade will see reduced for the present year to the minimum expression. The helps to the trade of vicinity will spend to have in the anterior exercise a party presupuestaría of 1.300.000 euros to so only 141.000 euros, the present year. The same it will spend with the helps for investments, modernisation and innovation of the trade (of 2.100.000 euros, to 60.000 euros). Like this it is recorded in the project of estimates of the DGA for 2016.
These helps are fundamental for the survival of the small trade and his tissue asociativo, more still, in the current situation of crisis, since for this sector, still is very far this “recovery” of which speak some.
The trade represents in the Aragon 14% of the P.I.B. Aragonese. One of each four companies is a trade. And like somebody has said: "the trade is present in all the municipalities and vertebra the territory". Besides, it generates wealth, use and dinamiza spaces.
It is truth that economic situation does not allow a lot of joys and that it is normal that there is adjust and reductions but no until such extremes.
The approval of these estimates would suppose the disappearance of numerous associations of small traders, so necessary for vertebrar the sector, especially, in the rural world.
It is as well as the  Government of Aragon wants to help to the small trade in front of the big surfaces or to internet? Lean favour does with these measures. Rather it turns away to a lot of Aragoneses that struggle for taking out his businesses advance by the expense of numerous economic and familiar  endeavours. 
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