PELEGRÍN And LATE (Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Tissues)

C. Don James I,  24
976 295 986
50001 Saragossa
More than 60 years to the service of the Aragoneses. The experience allows us know of the importance that all exit perfect the day of your wedding. Besides, we have a big human squad, always had to satisfy to our clients.
We have of two tents in the centre of Saragossa, in the surroundings Don Jaime, where agglutinates all the trade of the nuptial fashion and companions.

Dresses of girlfriend: Collection ESSENTIAL.
A collection of dresses very comodos at the same time that of elegant designs and tissues. Everything in our Boutique in the low plant.
In it plants it street: collections and tissues of tall sewing of modistos and bylines of international renown eat: Ungaro, Valentino, etc
Workshop of tall sewing, HAVE YOUR DRESS DREAMED.
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