C. Santiago number 23
976 292 974
50003 Saragossa

Saint Aragonese clothing Jorge is a company devoted to the preparation and sale of regional suits of all the regions of Aragon, as well as of his complementos and peculiarities in aderezos, spanning a wide fan of articles.

Saint Jorge is born in 1980 with the idea to conserve and mimar to the maximum the but pure essence of the Aragonese suit, so much in his preparation as in all his complementos, putting our main interest in going entering in the current market the most used materials by our ancestors so much in tissues (silks, cottons, linens, etc.),as in articulos but elaborated like footwear, shawls (silk, wool and cotton),aderezos... Treating to teach the form but correct to dress each one of the pieces that compose the regional suit Aragonese.

Being a Saint familiar business Jorge has known to mix the experience purchased generation after generation in the world of the preparation and the craftsmanship, with an innovation adapted to the new were, looking for always solve the problems that suppose the expiration depending upon manual works very common in the past, with the solutions that contribute the new technologies, thought for other markets, that infected with our illusions to recover part of our history adapt new tools to make "ancient" things.
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