Associations Vecinales: MAKING HISTORY

Among finals of the 60 and principles of the 70, like response to the fault of services in the working neighbourhoods and like reaction to a political situation that translated in the absence of fundamental rights, go appearing, in the only resquicio legal possible in that period, those that knew like Associations of Heads of Family, that in the practice constituted the germ of the Residents' associations that extended by all the neighbourhoods of Saragossa. The fight of the movements vecinales from his creation always has headed to to achieve improve the conditions of life of his inhabitants.

Tuesday to Saturday of 10 to 14 and of 17 to 21h. Sundays and festive of 10 to 14:30h. Enclosed Monday.



Centre of Histories
Pza. Saint Agustin, 2
Telephone: 976 721 885

Of 20 June to 15 September 2013

It organises: Municipal Society Cultural Saragossa and Federation of Associations of Neighbourhoods of Saragossa

The movement vecinal, counting always with his bases, has gone adapting to the realities cambiantes demanding the political rights and civilians more basic in his origin, struggling by a worthy house, demanding services and public equipments of essential quality for the neighbourhoods (schools, centres of health, sportive, cultural, asistenciales...),claiming the improvement of public spaces (the street, the square, the park) or a mobility balanced and sustainable, and in definite suing along all these years an active paper in the definition of the city and proposing alternative constructive to do of Saragossa a worthy space of convivencia in conditions of equality.

The fight by these rights has gone evolving along these years adapting to the economic changes, social and politicians, and in the measure in that the aims posed went conquering.
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